Sudden guests and Spontaneous trip

By lucky chance I have met Jan and Anouk in Almaty on 3rd of September 2017. This crazy couple came to Almaty for few days on their own with backpacks on shoulders and were planning to go further to Uzbekistan by train – normal way of travelling for most Dutch people:). They wanted to see so much in a squzzed time. On that day we went to Big Almaty Lake for several hours, after they visited Medeo and Shymbulak. They had train the next day in the afternoon and big desire to see Charyn, so we took a chance and started trip to the canyon very early in the morning. We had a great discussion during our long road and nice hike along the Valley of Castles. I guess we all enjoyed that spontaneous jorney!

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  1. We tagged along with Anton to visit Charyn Canyon in September last year. Charyn Canyon is truly a ‘hidden gem’, located in a landscape what for us Dutch people seemed like the end of the world. It is incredible that so little people know about this place outside of Almaty, as it surely worth a trip. The canyon is a great and off the grid sight to see. A big plus is that there are hardly any tourists around; that means that there’s plenty of discovering to do! Anton was a truly wonderful, knowledgeable guide. He is skillfull, knows his way around and it is clear that nature and hospitality are two of his interests. Rarely have we encountered a guide that is as agreable as Anton. A big plus is his English language skill, which is not that common in this area. We definitely recommend you ask Anton to take you to see the wonderful Charyn Canyon. Written by: Jan, Amsterdam

    • Thanks Jan. Keep further discovering the hidden jems around the world with Anuok.

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