Autumn trip with namesake Dutchman

Retro-post: For 23-25 October 2017 Anton Jan, Rosalie and Teus were my next guests. They are experienced travellers and been to many places around the globe! Apart from main city tour, we went to Big Almaty Lake and Charyn. We visited BAL during sunny day after fresh snow covering mountains. The lake was blue – which is different from summer color. The time for Charyn visit was perfect, it wasn’t as hot as during summer and still not cold for comfort walk. I believe my guests enjoyed the trip and discovered the beauty of our region.

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  1. From Facebook: This was an amazing trip! Never expected that KZ have such beautiful places. It was so nice that we had anton on our side because otherwise we would not be able to visit all all these places. Anton is a really nice guy, speaks English very well and he can tell you everything about KZ!
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