Spontanious trip with Fräulein Caroline

17 September 2018: We met Caroline on Koktobe by lucky chance the day before the trip. After her flight from Munich she has started to explore the city right away. Big Almaty Lake was her first trip to our Ile-Alatau mountains. The weather was sunny and nice welcoming our guest from Germany. We have reached the lake in the morning, it was very calm and quite with its specific bluish color. Zhosalykezen pass was our next destination where we left the car and had a nice walk to Marble pass. We still had plenty of time left and took a hike through moon glade to the hill on the eastern side of the lake. What can be better than a picnic in a good company with an amazing view! It’s always a bit said that the time flies so fast, but new places and emotions are waiting for us!

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