Exploring Almaty sights

May 11th was another lovely day and I had chance to visit Medeo and Big Almaty lake with my guests from Netherlands! Lots of people in the mountains are enjoying the weather. The ice on the lake has started to dissapear, few more days and it will be ice free! Hopefully we all had happy time!

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  1. Dear Anton,

    It’s about 10 days ago we met you for one day. We were arrived just one week before, Atyrau, Kazachstan. All the way from Holland. But soon there was a 4 day holiday. So we decided to go to the west part of Kazachstan, just 2,5 hours flying from Atyrau. You were recommended as a friendly guide, driving safe and know the way (of course!). Not said too much! Even it was a last-minute appointment, we arranged with you. It was a beautiful day, qua wether, and nature and relaxed. Hope you show some pictures to prove how fantastic the lake and mountains were! Next time we are there, we will contact you again for another trip, off-road. Besides, staying in contact with you during our visit in Almaty, you also give fantastic advise where to go and what to do. Talking about the culture from Kazachstan, gave us an introduction too for our 2 or 3 years stay in your country. Thanks a lot and we will meet again!
    Caroline and Roelant

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