Summer vacation near Almaty

The weekends of July 6-8 I spent with wonderful people. They were amazed with beauty of our surrounding nature. First day we went to Shymbulak and Medeo – good places for introduction with our mountains. Next day we had small hike to Butakovka waterfall – easy walk which is accessible to everybody. We met lots of people on our way and at some point, it was crowded near waterfall. This place attracts a lot of people with its beauty. Issyk valley and lake was our last destination. This place has its own history and widely visited by tourist. Lake has very pleasant color and strong energy. Nice place to relax and feel might and greatness of nature. Unfortunately motorboats spoil the sound of nature sometimes. I believe we should develop tourist culture to keep those places clean and natural. Visit of trout farm on the way back made our journey even better. Fresh grilled trout on lunch is a nice addition to the trip.