Last two days of this summer I spend with my guests from Netherlands. We had exciting trip to Charyn area, Kolsay and Kaindy lakes. The weather was perfect for travelling – not so hot as in the middle of summer and not yet cold as in late autumn. Our first sight was Valley of Castles. Holidays and nice temperature were favorable for lots of tourist in this place. After hour hike in the canyon we ate tasty pilaf in local cafe. The afternoon we arrived to Kaindy lake after “shaky” road. Our small hike was followed with cold foot massage – walk in the cold mountain river. Hot tea afterwards made that day even better. The night we stayed in Sati village in real traditional nomad house – urt. After breakfast in the morning we went to lower Kolsay lake where we enjoyed great views. On the way back to Almaty we extended our trip by visiting several observation points on the right bank of Charyn river including Lunar canyon. As for a guide who already saw most of the sights before, it is always interesting to watch people emotions when they first see the beauty of our region. Their true excitement is the best reward in our work.