About Us

Shortly about our company

Our company

A young small developing company providing individual guiding services in Almaty region.

Our mission

Help people to discover the beauty of nature in Almaty region in comfortable and safe manner.

Our team

Our team includes people who are passioned about our nature and willing to share it with you.



Sees himself as a frank and kind person who is fond of nature and travelling. He is 33 and lives in Almaty. His major area of expertise is in ice engineering. Apart from his work for international companies he does trips to share his passion with others in safe and friendly manner. He has a family which encourages him and shares his values.


Andrey is an IT guy by education, but he has realised after gradution that photography was his passion. He founded his company in 2010 and since then succesfully works in Almaty as photographer. He lives in the mountains with his family and combines his work with hiking in mountains and travelling around the world. You can find more about Andrey in his social network profiles.